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Many people today are seeking some way to boost their future prospects. One serious option is to gain a qualification.

If you yourself are looking for some way to progress your career, investigate your options in terms of professional qualifications. Most of them are independent learning from home without an institution. Their content is very different to academic courses due to a focus on the knowledge needed for the real world.

Professional qualifications open the doors to lots of benefits, such as in the ability to apply to new types of jobs, but also the increase in knowledge at your fingertips. This implies living the rest of your life with knowledge that not many others have achieved.

At this point, you are likely wondering which qualifications would be relevant to you in particular. Which qualifications would you like to know more about?

Accounting qualifications (ACCA, CIMA, CPA) , finance qualifications (CFA, CAIA) and management qualifications (CIMA, PMP) are at your disposal. A few ask for relevant career experience for the qualification to be recognized fully, but when experience is needed it is usually only considered in parallel to exams, not for admission to them. Many people can and do complete an examination or two first then can find relevant employment, thereby completing relevant work hours.

Which qualifications can you take? The CFA, ACCA, CAIA, CIMA, PMP, and CPA are excellent qualifications to consider. Of course, you should take a qualification that matches your interests. The CFA makes you a chartered financial analyst with great investments knowledge, whereas the CAIA covers the range of alternative investments and their use. Both of these therefore cover much of finance and investment management between them.

Which qualifications are for accounting? ACCA, CIMA and CPA differ greatly in scope of material. The ACCA qualification imparts wisdom in a very good range of accounting areas. It is treated like locally required qualifications in a number of nations across the planet. On the other hand, CPA is the US equivalent. CIMA covers ‘management accountancy’ and treats accounting to make management decisions more than the technical aspects found in other accountancy programs. PMP is the top qualification in project management on the market.

To arrive at a conclusion on which qualifications to pursue, there are other things to consider, like the cost, study time needed, study resources available, and of course career benefits. All of this detailed information is presented on whichqualifications.com

This site is a labour of love, and the result of some frustration. Unable to find a good site that adequately covered which qualifications were available for me to take, I decided to help those who are in that situation today. This site is a work in progress please let me know what more information could be provided, so that you can find which qualifications are right for you.

What else would you like a specific page on? A different qualification? CFA vs ACCA , CFA vs CAIA , CIMA or ACCA , what can I study without a degree? ( ) Please leave a comment.

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