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Sample Resume for a Finance Internship Application

Finance resume

If you re in college and planning to work in finance after graduation, you have likely been told that internships are essential for your career success. And that is very true. Competition in finance is fierce, and the experience and network you gain from an internship can be invaluable.

But writing a resume for a finance internship is challenging. Besides any part-time jobs you may have held in high-school or college, you likely don t have much relevant work experience to include.

Submitting a half-empty piece of paper as a resume will get you discarded as a candidate from the very start. But your coursework and work ethic are important tools to consider. They can help build the framework for a strong resume.

What to Include

When considering what to include on your resume, make sure you evaluate your coursework, hobbies, and any clubs. If you re the head of a student investment club or started a personal finance blog, those are strong assets that will make you stand out from other student applicants. If you excelled in courses and met finance professionals as a student, those experiences can be highlighted as well.

It s also important to include what you can add to the company. While you may think it s not much since you re still in school, you bring a fresh perspective, passion for the subject, and innovation to the table. If you are familiar with technology and different programs, include those on your resume.

Also, if you are fluent in any other languages, include that in a prominent location. Many companies are looking for bilingual candidates, so this can give you a major edge over the competition.

If there s work you have done that isn t relevant to finance, such as working in the school cafeteria, don t include it on your resume.

While it s valuable work, it isn t relevant to the position you re applying for.

Sample Resume

32 Willow Street

Willow Creek, NY 12900

(Home) (232) 456 – 3425

(Cell) (971) 567 – 3421

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, May 20XX

  • Bachelor of Science, Major: Business (GPA 3.45) Minor: Music (GPA 3.2)
  • Awarded the Susan B. Catone Scholarship, Spring 20XX


Finance course, Department of Business, University of Rochester, Fall 20XX

  • Prepared and analyzed financial statements of local business.
  • Calculated financial ratios, compared to industry standards.
  • Evaluated organizational performance and compared figures with local competition.

Intern, Merrill Lynch, New York, Summer 20XX

  • Reviewed current trends in financial industry and created PowerPoint presentations for clients.
  • Spent time with Financial Consultants and assisted in organizing FA / EMA Account lists.
  • Assisted in the organization of files, collateral material, and other administrative tasks.

Intern, Delta Airlines, New York, NY, Summer 20XX

  • Calculated liquidity, solvency and profitability ratios of Delta consulting with financial officers as necessary.
  • Determined favorable trends by analyzing ratios, using Excel spreadsheet to exhibit ratios and trends.
  • VP, Student Government Association, University of Rochester, Fall 200X – Present
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Access, PC and Mac, Internet.
  • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish; Proficient in Mandarin.

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