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Van finance leaseFirst Capital has a variety of truck leasing and commercial vehicle leasing (financing) plans. All of our truck leasing programs allow you to select the truck of your choice, from box trucks to bucket trucks–all from the most capable convenient truck dealer of your choice. First Capital does not sell trucks, rather we purchase trucks from the dealer that you select, at the price you have arranged and lease the truck to you at low monthly payments spread over 36 to 84 months.

Most of our truck leasing programs are lease to own, allowing you to purchase the truck for $1, OR to return the truck with no additional payments due, OR to purchase the truck for its fair market value, at lease end.

NOTE: All truck financing is for a minimum of 24 months. We do not offer short-term truck rentals. (i.e. daily or monthly)

Key Program Benefits: Local Dealers, Local Service, Local Relationships

First Capital provides lease to own financing and TRAC leases for just about any truck or commercial vehicle that meets your Van finance leasebusiness’ needs, from the dealer/seller of your choice, in the location of your choice, and at the price that you are quoted from your dealer/seller. Our lease to own quote will be based on the truck cost that you provide to us.

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To Receive a Truck Lease Quote NOW.

All you need for a quote is the dealer’s price, make, model, year approx. mileage. To get a Truck Lease Quote NOW!

Lease as on these type of trucks!

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