Mar 5 2019

The Top 10 Small-Business Payroll Solutions

#payroll #for #a #small #business # The Top 10 Small-Business Payroll Solutions Updated: April 30, 2009 Payroll is a joy for employees and a major administrative headache for small-business owners. Frequently sometimes weekly one must spend hours making hairsplitting calculations, completing government reports, depositing tax money in various accounts, and writing and signing checks. There are quarterly filing and tax-payment requirements too, and occasionally, the dreaded phone call from the tax collector with a question about something you had long since forgotten. Small wonder then that payroll is one of the most commonly outsourced functions in a small business. Most …

Mar 5 2019

Payroll software for every businesses, IMS Payroll, on line payroll.

#On #line #payroll # Providing the best Payroll Software for every size business at an affordable price, with excellent customer support IMS Payroll IMS Payroll is easy to use, affordable yet powerful. It suits any business size and lets your business grow. Employee Self Service Allow employees to apply for leave and view their personal details online, reducing data entry and errors. Timesheets Rostering Reduce paperwork and administration by allowing employees to submit their timesheets online for approval. IMS Cloud Combine all the features of IMS Payroll with the benefits of the Cloud. Human Resources A fully integrated HR system …