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[email protected] on Solar PV: Pricing, Grid Defection, Disaster Relief

Today’s topics include PV module pricing and how the trade case is already impacting prices despite that fact that no.

Renewable energy finance

The Microgrid Imperative

The Microgrid 2017 conference, which ran from November 6-8 in Boston, kicked off with a list of events that point to .

Renewable energy finance

Listen Up: Home Backup Power System Primer

This week, we review the spectrum of backup power solutions from generators to home battery backup power systems.

Renewable energy finance

Innovate UK Conference Highlights the Work of Two Storage Tech Firms

Two energy storage firms yesterday were recognized at the Innovate UK conference for their work in liquid air and cop.

Renewable energy finance

SEPA Requests Industry Players’ Input for DERMS Development

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) will release on Monday, Nov. 13, a draft comprehensive requirements document.

Renewable energy finance

California’s Plans for Offshore Wind Run into Navy Opposition

As California pushes forward in its transition to clean energy, the state faces hard choices in its most futuristic i.

Renewable energy finance

Solar Installers Are Getting Closer to Profitability

There’s long been a Catch-22 about residential solar: despite staggering market demand, it’s been hard to make m.

Renewable energy finance

Geothermal Auction Receives Bids for 19,000 Acres in Nevada

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in late October said that it received bids on geothermal leases in Nevada fo.

Renewable energy finance

How Modern is Your State’s Grid?

Renewable energy finance

What a Waste! The Big Problem of Heat Loss in UK Cities

It’s encouraging to see U.K. policy makers getting to grips with tackling heat loss, which is one of the biggest sour.

Renewable energy finance

Modernization Efforts Are Poised to Dramatically Reconfigure the Electric Grid

It’s been nearly two years since the release of the GridWise Alliance’s last Grid Modernization Index (GMI-3). The re.


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Make plans: Registration is open for HydroVision International 2018!

Parker to feature “virtual reality” demo of its Utility-Scale modular Po.

Intersolar Europe 2018 benefits from becoming part of The smarter E

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Renewable energy finance

Africa’s Solar Industry Needs More Sustainable Solutions

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals may pledge to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030, but nearly .

Renewable energy finance

With New REC Program, the Sun Is Shining on Illinois

One might say that the Midwestern region of the U.S. has been slow to adopt solar and other renewable energy sources—not b.

Renewable energy finance

Boulder County Incentive Program Drives Adoption of Two ‘Sexy Electrics’—Solar and Electric Cars

An innovative group purchasing program in Boulder County, Colorado, put hundreds of electric vehicles on local roads and s.

Renewable energy finance

Blockchain: What Does It Mean for Energy Markets in Africa?

Blockchain is the latest buzzword being thrown around in tech, but for all of the excitement, few people seem to actually .

Renewable energy finance

Grids of Future: Villages Embracing 4th Industrial Revolution Faster than Cities

I was recently reading an article on the Grid of the Future where prosumers are both the producers and consumers of the po.

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