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Quantitative Finance

Finance looked at from an econometric angle

Do you have strong mathematical skills and do you want to put them to use in the world of finance? Are you looking forward to tackle global issues like the stability of the financial system and solve issues with regard to, for example, risk management and asset allocation? The Quantitative Finance programme covers all main areas in finance that require mathematical econometric techniques.

The programme is highly interactive and brought to you by practising researchers that are involved in prestigious research projects and active advisors in the sector. Their teachings are based on the latest insights and focus on the econometric and quantitative skills to solve poignant financial issues, especially in areas like portfolio and risk management.

In the heart of Dutch and international finance

This Quantitative Finance programme benefits well from its location: Rotterdam has long been the home of numerous headquarters and key offices of leading financial institutions and firms. Many of these feel a strong connection with us and provide:

  • frequent guest lectures
  • relevant topics for the course Financial Case Studies
  • research internships


A Master specialisation in Quantitative Finance comes with excellent career prospects, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Despite the recent turmoil in financial markets, the demand for well-trained quantitative financial economists is still as high as ever and has in some cases even increased. Typically, your future lies with:

  • banks
  • asset management firms
  • hedge funds
  • insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • private equity houses
  • consulting firms
  • regulatory bodies like central banks

Not only the theoretical side is covered, the practical application is considered as well

Are you well-trained in statistics, maths and econometrics? Do you have a strong and active interest in finance? Do you want to learn how to use quantitative methods in the context of financial applications? Meet your future fellow students here .

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