Quantitative Finance – Master in Econometrics and Management Science #southern #finance

#quantitative finance


Quantitative Finance

Master Econometrics and Management Science

Adding value to your ambitions in numerous ways.

The Quantitative Finance programme brings you:

  • a mathematical approach to and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of finance;
  • the ability to apply quantitative techniques and econometric models to complex real-world financial problems;
  • the skills and creativity to develop and apply new econometric solutions when and where required.

Erasmus School of Economics offers you:

  • practice-based, personal and topical approach;
  • top-quality education with high rankings;
  • strong ties with leading businesses and institutions in finance.

The increased complexity of the financial industry over the past years has resulted in a strong demand for finance professionals who are able to perform advanced quantitative analysis to support better strategic decision making. The Quantitative Finance programme offers you everything to meet this demand and shape the career of your choice.

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