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Lack of nurse educators is likely contributing to the nurse workforce shortage

Nurses aren’t going into education. The reason? A big cut in pay.

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Island nations prepare for a looming future without land

Kiribati has been identified as the first country that will disappear as a result of climate change.

Another spin of the revolving door between industry and Washington

President Donald Trump today announced his pick for HHS Secretary.

Would you eat lunch at the bank of the future?

Banks introduce experimental features like cafes and co-working space to lure millennials back to branches.

Nervous Americans are shelling out for travel insurance

Travelers, wary of potential terrorism and natural disasters, are increasingly protecting themselves in advance.

How the search for a malaria cure lead to the color mauve

A teenager tinkering in his lab invented a brilliant synthetic shade of purple in Victorian England.

SNL s Claire from HR nails workplace harassment, but she won’t be part of your training

About 48 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Ask a Manager: Is it OK to microwave fish in the break room?

Columnist Alison Green covers the do s and don ts of eating at work.

Newspapers keep small-town communities together, but dwindling populations may mean closing shop

As small town populations decline, local newspapers disappear.

When the stress of debt strains mental health

That stress can make you vulnerable to eating disorders, alcoholism and anxiety, says psychologist Thomas Richardson. Mindfulness can help.

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