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paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

Paragon finance

We specialise in providing structured finance solutions to companies in the most effective and fastest way.

Our Solutions

Short to Medium Term Secured Funding

This solution offers you access to short term funding where liquidity is required in the quickest time possible, allowing “breathing space” while you secure long term finance or realise the sale of your assets

Bridging Finance

Bridge the surplus proceeds expected from the sale of your property, allowing you to fund costs relating to the sale (rates, levies etc) or to secure the purchase of a new property (deposit, transfer duty, etc).

Capital Raising

Paragon raises debt finance for businesses through leveraging our relationships with a broad spectrum of over 60 providers of capital.

Property Partnerships

We source the best suited equity partner for your existing business or planned property projects. We also partner with investors in building property portfolios.

Success stories from our clients

Our client required funding to reduce a commercial bank’s exposure

Paragon provided a facility to the client against an unbonded shopping centre he owned in a different entity. The client used the facility to successfully reduce the bank’s exposure, allowing the partner to exit and the client to keep the property. The client will exit the facility by refinancing the shopping centre with a commercial bank.

The client and a partner purchased a few properties in Cape Town CBD, the deal was funded by a commercial bank. The partner decided to exit the deal and the client required funding to reduce the bank’s exposure on the release of the partner’s surety by the bank.

Our client sold units in his property development and needed access to the cash before transfer

Paragon setup a bridging facility for the client against the units already sold but not yet transferred, allowing the client access to funds which was used to complete further units.

The client is a residential developer and sold units which transferred upon completion. He wanted an advance of the proceeds before transfer.

A 5-star award winning boutique hotel required funding to expand their spa and beauty products offering in the business.

Paragon was able to speedily source a facility that met the client’s requirements enabling the business to take advantage of their busy season.

An experienced shopping centre developer required an equity partner to capitalize on opportunities identified

Paragon sourced a suitable equity partner enabling them to roll out a number of projects that they otherwise would not have been able to develop.

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