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Funding The Future

As International Fund Providers, we specialize in creating custom tailored finance solutions based on the specific needs of our clients.

Nationwide Finance works with the largest lending institutions and Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) across the globe. As well as, a proprietary network of boutique banks, private finance institutions, and equity firms.

Nationwide Finance’s consortium of commercial lenders, and private investment funds provides a syndication with the creative power to solve the most challenging structured finance needs. We partner with our clients to make projects become reality.

Local Bank Guarantees

100% financing against Local Bank Guarantee (short term and long term)

Letters of Credit

Un-confirmed Letters of Credit payable 1 to 3 years after shipment of goods

Corporate Guarantees

Financing arranged against Corporate Guarantee Notes

ECA and Credit Insurance Guarantees

100% funding against foreign ECA or Credit Insurance Guarantees


Re-financing of old debts against Local Bank Guarantees (1 – 3 years tenor)

Public Sector Financing

Public Sector Financing; 100% funding against Sovereign Guarantees or government-backed bonds

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We finance the builders of tommorow

Nationwide Finance Portfolio

Nationwide finance

Divine Marine Shipping Nigeria, LTD $17,738,687

Nationwide finance

1000 Ton Cutterhead Suction Dredger $45,770,000

Nationwide finance

Angola Government INEA Road Works Division $19,000,000

Nationwide finance

Nigerian IMO State Government Road Project $8,800,000

Nationwide finance

Monorail Project River State $98,938,000

Nationwide finance

Self-Propelled Jackup Barges $43,098,000

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Nationwide Finance Disclosure

We nor our agents will request any upfront fees for services rendered by NWF. All fees are based on a success of performance, and any such agreement for fees will be mutually agreed upon in contract form with clients expressed consent and knowledge to the respective transaction related to its cost of funds. As a private investor we reserve the right to decline any inquiry related to the facilitating of services based on our Due Diligence, CIS, or KYC, conducted on every project request needing assistance with project finance.

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