Jul 30 2019

How to fix my credit \ Video

#Seasoned #Tradelines #to #Boost #Credit #Score, #PiggyBack #Credit #Here

How to fix my credit \ Video, REMMONT.COM

How to fix my credit

Seasoned Tradelines Boost Credit Score Piggyback Credit


Use Our Tradelines & Qualify For Financing!

High Credit Scores Qualify for Lowest Rates

Home buyers should have high credit scores to qualify for the lowest rates.

The High cost of low credit score mortgages

The high cost of mortgages obtained with low credit scores

Car Loans & Credit Scores

Payments vary dramatically based on your credit score

Credit Cards & Credit Scores

SuperPrime Credit , Good Credit, Average Credit, Poor Credit +

Tradelines for sale here are au tradelines. Piggyback credit with our wholesale tradelines to Boost credit scores.

Our au tradelines have been used to Refinance, Get High Limits Credit Cards, Exotic Cars, Mortgages & more…

What are tradelines?

Tradelines are credit accounts. it’s just another word for “account”. The term “tradeline” is the financial industries term for an account of which you have been issued credit.

Tradelines for sale

We have tradelines for sale that have perfect payment histories. Our authorized user accounts help Raise Credit Scores Fast, faster than credit repair. When you’re ready to increase your scores fast, we can add you to our authorized user accounts. Our Seasoned tradelines are guaranteed to post on your credit files in as fast as 10 days. These accounts have been used to achieve Excellent Credit Scores, High Limit Cards, Refinancing, Auto Loans & More.

Are Tradelines legal?

Yes, they are legal.. Even a FTC spokesman Frank Dorman said: “What I’ve gathered from attorneys here is that it is legal, Yes!

The Fair Isaac Co (FICO) announced that its credit-scoring model will continue to include authorized user accounts when calculating FICO scores.

The F.I.C.O. Corp President (video below) estimates that 50 million consumers are authorized users on someone else’s credit card.

What we do is legal and is recommended by the leading credit score industry insiders.

***** Our Accounts provide exactly what you need to qualify. Reserve Your Accounts Now! *****

How being an authorized user helps build credit

We provide the age of accounts, these accounts have Perfect Payment Histories & High limits..

After being added as an authorized user the credit card company reports this to the credit reporting agencies. After its been reported to the bureaus they will place the good credit information or your credit files. Once reported your scores rise immediately, since our accounts give you age, high limits and perfect payment histories. This is how being an authorized user helps build credit.

How many tradelines to boost credit score?

We have the best tradelines for sale and we have seen them boost credit scores 200+ points. That depends what is in your credit files and the authorized user accounts you’ll be adding to your credit reports

This is why it’s important to let us help you select the appropriate authorized user accounts. By the allowing us to assist you with your selection of we can make sure you select the right accounts that you need to help you achieve your goals.. When you are ready to boost credit scores, CALL US!

What are Seasoned Tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines are just credit lines extended to consumers or businesses that have been aged for atleast 1yr. Our accounts have been aged 1yr – 35 yrs & have Perfect payment histories.

When did people start using seasoned tradelines?

They have been used for nearly 45 years by Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Auto Brokers, Spouses & more! It became popular due to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974, which allowed authorized user to become attached to the credit history of the credit accounts. This is what the term piggyback credit came from.

How to piggyback credit?

  1. Contact us for your free consultation
  2. We review your credit files to make sure you’re a good fit for our program
  3. Pick the right au tradelines and send your reservation fee.
  4. Become an authorized user to piggyback credit
  5. We send you confirmation you’ve been added (email with a pic of your name on the new card)
  6. Wait for the authorized user account status to post on your credit files
  7. Apply for your credit cards or other financing.
  8. Pay all of your credit bills on time every month

How long does a tradeline stay on your credit report?

Seasoned tradelines for sale, No fee upfront?

Where can you find seasoned tradelines for sale without having to pay first? You can’t. No business, not your doctor, utility company, gas station. NO legitimate business gives away its product before being compensated. Only ID Thiefs or rip off artist would promise to give a such invaluable service for no fee upfront. This is a blatant attempt to get the credit files and all information needed to accomplish identity theft.

How long does it take to add Tradelines?

How long will it take for your scores to increase after being added?

After the authorized user accounts hit your credit reports your credit scores will increase immediately. That’s a major reason using our accounts is the preferred method to increase credit scores fast, instead of going into debt for years and hoping you make the payments on time.

How much does it cost to buy Tradelines?

We can give you an answer after your FREE consultation with our Credit Repair Specialist. As a general guide, our price range is ONLY $400.00 to $1,900.00 each for our wholesale tradelines and they are guaranteed to post on your 2 of your credit files. Get Ready to increase your credit scores and get approved, Contact us.

Wholesale tradelines

How can you add our good accounts to your credit reports fast? As soon as we receive your payment the credit specialist will begin by adding you as an authorized user our accounts.

Benefits of a Good Credit Score:

  • Get your own credit cards – that have low interest rates
  • Qualifying for a Mortgage – with low you don’t have to use all your capital
  • Get approved for the vehicle you like – with good interest rates and low payments
  • Qualify for lower interest rates and payments when you refinance your home or car
  • Apply for and Get Credit to fund a business that you would like to start!
  • Getting a low health or auto insurance rate!
  • You can put your cards in our card holder program and earn money while helping others.


William Tradeline Broker/Reseller

The service has been the best, and professional. I have dealt with several other companies and experienced not so good service or none at all. But after meeting Lynn I have been satisfied, with knowledge and honesty to meet my clients needs.

Julie M Client

Hi Lynn this is Julie in Miami, thanks to you guys I got approved for Business Funding ;). I will always remember you guys, without you I wouldn’t have been able open my store.. Sincerely, Julie M

Jason Resnick Client

Thanks Lynn, today I was able to get the 2014 Mercedes S550 I wanted. They even gave me a really good interest rate..Thank you , Jason – Huntington Beach, Calif

Dr. Santos Clien

Thanks to IZM Credit Services, I was able to get approved for Lamborghini and over $100,000 in Credit Cards. Lynn advised me to get their VIP tradeline Package and after they placed the 6 accounts on my files I was able to order my Lamborghini from Lamborghini in Florida. If you want results, Call Lynn and let them fix your credit.

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How to fix my credit \ Video REMMONT.COM

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