How do I back up my e-mails from free online Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts?


How do I back up my e-mails from free online Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / February 26, 2010 3:07 AM PST

How do I back up my e-mails from free online Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts?

Over the past several years I have been depending on free
online Yahoo mail and Gmail accounts for my everyday e-mails.
I’ve been lucky thus far of not losing anything yet, but I’m
weary about it as friend told me that free email services
aren’t trustworthy as anything can go wrong and there are no
recourse if my accounts were suddenly to disappear or somehow
get compromised because they are free.

Now that this has got me really concerned, I would like to
back up all my e-mails from these free online e-mail
accounts, but I really have no clue as to how to go about it.
Can your members help me out and give me some step-by-step
instructions on how I can get this accomplished for both
Yahoo mail and Gmail? I would like to be able to store them
on my computer and retrieve them once I have established a
nonfree online service. I would be most grateful for this

–Submitted by Isabelle W.

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Hi Isabelle – I have a great number of email accounts for various reasons, and I set up email for many of my customers. I used to be a big fan of Mozilla Thunderbird, and then Microsoft came along with a FREE and easy to use email system called Windows Live.

The thing I like about it is that regardless of how many email accounts you have online, offline, or otherwise, in most cases you can seamlessly integrate them into your Windows Live system.

Setting up any email management system can be somewhat trying, but I’ve included a link for you that describes pretty thoroughly how Windows Live can be set up with the least amount of headaches.

This link provided by Windows Live takes you step by step in integrating your existing email accounts online. And if you already have a different email program you’re using, no problem. When you set up Windows Live Mail, it automatically recognizes them and allows you to import the old messages into your new email management system.

You should note that Yahoo requires you to use Email Plus, at a cost of $19.95 annually to use a POP3 account so you can save your email on your computer as well as their server. Yahoo’s email plus comes with some other benefits you can examine here:

I couldn’t be more pleased with Windows Live. It allows me to check all of my email from all sources at once (If I choose to), and I can check it from any computer just by logging on to Windows Live online. It’s a handy feature that provides lots of convenience, saves time, and assures me that all of my email is not only always available, but always backed up.

Windows Live Mail also incorporates other popular features like Calendars with task management, a very useful Contact Manager, RSS Feeds and Newsgroups. I apologize if this sounds like a commercial for this product but the features included along with the fact that it’s all free seems to good to pass up.

Hope this helps Isabelle. Good Luck.

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