Gratuity Calculator: Online Gratuity Calculator to find the Gratuity, online finance calculator.#Online #finance #calculator

online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

Online finance calculator

This tool will help you estimate how much gratuity you will get when you retire. Gratuity is paid if you have worked in a company for more than 5 years.

Total Gratuity Payable to you is

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i want to investment in 60 lacs invest in mutual fund and i accept 16 percentage return per year my goal after 10 years 2.80crs what is possible please true guide

Our observation over the last 10 years suggests that large cap funds and multi cap funds on an average have delivered a CAGR to the tune of .

I have some 35Lakhs worth mutual fund and 15Lakhs Bank fixed deposit. Am thinking to withdraw around 30-35Lakhs and invest in some properties in Kolkata for better return. Please suggest

You must invest in SIPs as well or have good stocks which have compounding effect in Return ratios.

I am 40 years old working in private company. Want to invest open ended fund Rs. 2000 per month. Kindly suggest

Mutual Funds are ideal investment options especially for regular investments. We recommend investing your funds in a Large Cap Equity Fund w.

I am planning to invest a lumspum of Rs 10000 in Mutual Fund for 2 years horizon. Please suggest me some good funds which will provide me maximum returns. I am ready to bear the risk. Would appreciate your advises. Thanks

Considering the time horizon and willingness to bear risk, we recommend you to invest through Systematic Transfer Plan (STP). Initially your.

i have been investing in the follwoing MF for the past one year should i contiune or switch to other funds. 1 Axis equity fund direct(g) 2 Axis gold fung direct (g) 3 Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Retail Plan dirct (g) 4HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) 5 ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan – Direct Plan (G) 6 ICICI Prudential Top 200 Fund (G) advice if i have to switch, all are for long term

All the schemes look fine and you may continue. The amount that you invest in respective schemes is not known, so just make sure you have al.

How to Buy Mutual fund And getting regular returns

You can buy mutual funds either through online platforms or you can take the help of Financial Advisors who will help you with investing in .

Please guide me on best Mutual Funds for tax savings with good returns and avg risk for tax saving of 1 lakh amount

Our recommended top performing tax saving funds are Axis Long Term Equity Fund, ICICI Prudential Tax Plan and Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund.

Guaranteed income plan or bank fd

In both these options the returns is a big set back. Guaranteed Income insurance plans are not able to fetch higher returns and at times eve.

HI, which shares should i buy for long term. like i would like to hold for 10 years.

We cannot recommend specific stocks on this forum. However, our experience as portfolio managers show us that a portfolio of good quality st.

Im 18 years of age and i want to earn a crore at 25 how much am i suppose to invest on a monthly basis and where ?

This means that if in the next 7 years, you wish to accumulate INR 1 crore, then you will have to save INR 75,770 on a monthly basis. Here w.

It’s been a while I’m in a dilemma to buy an Online Term Plan. Aegon Religare claims to be the cheapest online term insurance. I’m a 33-year-old non-smoking male. There 1) i Term Plan for next 27 year for a 1 CR. cover asking for INR 22,809 (including all riders) 2) Another plan from them iReturn Insurance Plan for a 20-year plan (20-year premium paying term) with all riders is coming for 39,594. Which one to go for?

Hello, While buying a term insurance, you must always compare the premium paid with the benefits received. While it is important to minimise.

Iwant to buy term insurance plan for 50 lacs.Kindly suggest which one to buy i am mainly looking between MAX LIC.

Hello, A term insurance is a pretty straight forward and standard product. Evaluate the claim settlement ratio of the companies. Claim settl.

pl advice for a monthly income of 30000.00

Firstly you need to determine what portion of your income you are willing to set aside on a monthly basis towards your investments. Once you.

I want to invest is mutual fund .Please let me know which is the best MF in current mkt which will give me a decent returns.

I will be able to suggest to you the best funds only after knowing your risk profile, your goals and the time horizon for achieving the same.

how can i invest in shares safely?

Investments in equity is always subject to market risk. However if you are investing directly in shares you can diversify your investments a.

i need one lakh rupes lone for my education . but i dont have any modgage please guide me

To raise Rs. 1 Lakhs without collateral security should not be difficult as education loans up to Rs 4 lakhs are exempted from any security .

Iwant to invest rs10l free of risk ! Shd i go for bank fd’s or as the bank suggest guaranteed income plan ? Please guide .

Yes bank returns are fixed.

My daughter 18 yrs. old is studying at IIT Madras for engineering. She is a tax payer in the 20% slab. I wish to get her a LIC policy at an early age. The agent recomends JEEVAN ANAND from LIC of India. Kindly advise the best options.

Hello, Jeevan Anand is a with-profit plan by LIC which has an insurance component as well. It is always recommended not to mix insurance and.

Dear sir/madam i am Dhananjay Surve from mumbai .I have got placement through my engineering college and working sience last 2 months .Ia am 22 years old ,i s investing in sip is good for me .As iam looking for time period of 3 to 5 years from now for investment ,which will be the best fund and what other investment option will be best .i am looking for 2 to 2.5 k per month investment.

Invest the entire amount in a balanced fund. Its a good way to get an understanding about mutual fund working and investments. Invest in Tat.


All the three schemes are good. If we assume a weighted average return of 12% on your portfolio then you should expect a corpus of approx. R.

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