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Car Loan Finance Calculators provides instant access to a number of online finance calculators to assist South African consumers with making educated decisions regarding financing cars, bonds, education, business, etc. On this page you

will find calculators and resources for:

Remember these are just estimation tools! Please read the Disclaimer carefully.

Online Car Finance Calculator

The tools below will help you calculate how much you can realistically afford to pay towards a car finance instalment each

month before actually purchasing a vehicle.

More Vehicle Payment Calculators in South Africa

Taking the time to calculate your own affordability and check rates from banks and financial institutions is absolutely essential to ensure that your vehicle finance is approved, everything runs smoothly, and you get the best vehicle finance available in South Africa. Most South African financial institutions, car dealers, and banks such as ABSA and Wesbank that provide vehicle finance services have their own handy online vehicle finance repayment calculators:

Online Home Loan Calculator

The tool below will help you calculate how much you can realistically afford to pay towards bond repayments each month before applying for and committing to the loan.

More Home Loan Calculators

Congratulations on deciding to buy a home! Bond financing is available in South Africa from the following banks:

  • FNB Home Loan Affordability Calculator
  • Nedbank home loans – Nedbank bond repayment calculator
  • Standard Bank Home Loans- Affordability and Bond Repayment Calculators
  • ABSA Home Loans – Repayment Calculators
  • House Loan, Bank Savings, Future Planner tools – Leaser Calculator, Determine Loan Amount, Extra Payments, Loan Calculator, Interest on Savings, etc

Personal Loan Calculators

If you aren’t here to arrange finance for purchasing a vehicle, then you are probably looking to take out a personal loan or a home loan. Just as you will need to calculate your vehicle finance repayments, so will you need to calculate your bond or home loan repayments! Having access to a reliable loans calculator, such as those listed below, will certainly assist you with this. Take the time to consider your monthly income as well as all your expected and unexpected monthly expenses before considering a loan of any kind

  • Business Times Finance Calculator – calculate monthly instalments for purchasing assets such as a car, or for home improvements or cash loans
  • Money Biz Personal Financial Calculators – Budget, Home Loan, Personal Finance, Tax, and Vehicle / Asset Calculators
  • ABSA Calculators – Budget, Banking Fees, Investment, Home Loans, and Vehicle Finance Calculators
  • Nedbank Loan Calculators – Cars, Loans, Car Allowance Tax, Company Car Tax, Offshore Investment, Interest, Savings, and Buy To Let calculators, tools, and guides.
  • FNB Loan Calculator – Vehicle, Home, Personal Loan Term Calculators from First National Bank
  • Standard Bank – Affordable Bond Loan Calculation
  • SA Home Loans Calculators – Affordability, New home purchase, mortgage, and Switch you home loan calculators
  • Personal Finance – Car or Home Loan Finance Calculator
  • Capitec Bank’s Calculators – Savings, Savings Goal, and Credit Calculators for study loans, or deposit on a new car.
  • SME Toolkit South Africa – Calculate monthly payments for mortgage, auto or home equity loans
  • Sanlam Finacial Planning Calculators – Tax, Home Loans, and Retirement Calculators

Business Loans

Congratulations on deciding to start and/or grow your business! Small business and corporate financing is available in South Africa from the following banks:

  • ABSA Business Calculators – Budget, Loan Repayment, Start up Cost, Business Value Calculators and more.
  • FNB Business Loan Financing – First National Bank loan account for medium to long-term loans to finance capital expenditure or to alter, expand or acquire business premises
  • Nedbank Small Business Services – business venture finance capital, working capital to expand existing business, and finance to acquire vehicles, plant and machinery or property
  • Nedbank Business Lending Solutions – flexible, relevant and cost-effective finance packages – Loans, Vehicle and Asset Finance, etc.
  • Standard Bank Business Finance Options – handy online table with various finance options
  • Khula Enterprise Finance and mentorship – dedicated to the development and sustainability of small businesses in South Africa.

Finance calculator

More Online Car Payment Calculators

You can also use the free online calculators and tools from banks and financial institutions in South Africa to ensure that you find the best deal to suit your budget and get your vehicle finance application approved:

Finance calculatorABSA Car Finance Calculator

Finance calculatorFNB Vehicle repayment calculator

Finance calculatorFNB Vehicle purchase price calculator

Finance calculatorWesBank GMSA Financial Services

Finance calculatorStandard Bank Car payments Calculator

Vehicle Manufacturers

Installment Calculation Tools

Finance calculatorVW Monthly Payment Calculator

Finance calculatorToyota Monthly Installment Calculator

Remember these are only estimation tools. Contact the banks or finance providers in South Africa directly with the correct documents to perform a credit assessment and confirm the

Please read the Disclaimer carefully.

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Finance calculatorAutoTrader


Finance calculatorMcCarthy Call-a-Car

Finance calculatorImperial Select

Finance calculatorBarloworld MyWheels

New Car Prices

Finance calculatorNew Car Prices by vehicle make

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