Jul 30 2019

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Santa Fe South Schools is a fully accredited public charter school district serving students from Pre-K through 12th grades. Operational since 2001, SFS serves students from the Oklahoma City Public School District attendance area. Student enrollment totals just over 3,200 with approximately 1200 in High School, 650 in Middle School, and 1350 in Elementary School. Oklahoma City Public Schools is our single authorizer. We are the largest comprehensive charter school in the state and one of the largest in the region. We are a tuition-free public institution, and there are no testing or other requirements for admission other than to be a student in the OKCPS district. We hold a lottery each year for open positions and admission is awarded on a randomly-chosen basis.

Santa Fe South Schools strives to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning and provides opportunities to prepare students from the Oklahoma City metro area to thrive in a complex, competitive, and culturally-pluralistic society.

At SFS, students are provided with a challenging academic program through an expanded and rigorous curriculum that emphasizes college prep habits, the development of social responsibilities, lifelong skills, and self-confidence. We diligently work to meet the needs of all of our learners, offering full services for English Language Learners as well as students who are on Individualized Education Plans. Comprehensive tutoring and after-school programs offer additional opportunities for our students to be able to meet their academic goals.

Our concurrent enrollment/early college admission model provides a tremendous opportunity for students to begin their college coursework as early as the summer following their sophomore year. Students in this program routinely complete a full year of college credit prior to their high school graduation and some may earn enough to complete their Associates Degree in this same timeframe. We also operate the very successful Alpha credit recovery program. For students who have fallen behind or are just returning in search of a high school diploma, Alpha has proven to be a powerful opportunity.

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