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Erin Lipka

My finance lab

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Warning: The course was all on Pearson lab, but there are 2 separate grading systems not mentioned in the syllabus. Blindsides you when you think you’re in good standing. If you have a problem or grading question, good luck; she only posted the ‘true’ grades by finals week! Not a horrendous class, but keep your guard up during the last few weeks.

This class was extremely difficult. 8 wk, took FALL’15. I primarily used the book and the Pearson finance lab for help, homework and exams. I still passed with an A, but took a lot of effort. Didn’t really contact the Prof for much, when I did she misunderstood my email and was extremely rude back to me. I clarified, apologized and she did also.

The class is on MyFinanceLab, the homework and quizzes are tough. If you do the Study plan, the “extra credit,” it is basically the midterm and the final. She does encourage doing the extra credit. The study plan is a lot of work, but worth it for your grade. Do not rely on the homework and quizzes for your midterm and final.

Extremely hard. I spent about 4-5 hours a day in the second half of the semester (8wk) studying and trying to get 100% on my homework because I knew the midterm and final would be difficult. The class avg was 60% and 50% on those tests. The course is through Pearson, so I can’t say it’s the professor’s fault for the level of difficulty. She’s nice.

Lipka is supportive, but has high expectations for completing assignments on time. She was helpful when I emailed questions about the assignments. Expect 24 hour email turn around. The material is difficult, but MyFinance Lab helps and ample opportunity for practice. Lipka provided extra material to help with understanding the material.

Find another instructor.

Don’t take this professor. Easy set up for class. Two chances on homeworksquizzes. Two tests 25% of your grade impossible. Test 2 the average was a 55, she would not curve it. Class final average was less than a 75. Absolutely take this class in class. MyPearsonLab is the worst thing to happen to colleges.

No help at all. Condensing when replying to emails sent. Grades never entered until weeks later. No idea of standing due to this. 3 to 4 days if ever for a email reply.

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