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Robert Bruski

Custom object tab and icon

I created an custom object that I m working with in one of my apps.
However during the setup of the object, i made two mistakes and would like to edit this without having to recreate the object.
– I need to make sure that the tab is one of the default tabs that is showen for the app when the app is installed. Currently i have to go the plus sign and the customize link and at the tab to the menu bar. I don t want pruchasers of my app to have to go through this pain.
– I forgot to add an icon to one of my bridge objects. So when i see it as a related list in another object there is no object icon next to the list title and it is the only one without an icon. It looks a little out of place. How can i add an icon to that related list or bridge object?

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Default Tab: While creating the Tab you can check the Default On for all the profiles so it s on. as per screenshot below

Icon: Go to the Objec and Edit in Tab and Change the Tab Style as shown below

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Robert Bruski

Thank you. I have made the icon adjustment using your instructions.
In order to edit the first questions about the tab. i had to go to the apps section under create and add it to the app tab listing. I believe this has solved it? Am i correct?

Well, to your 1st question –

  • You can go to Setup | Create | Apps .
  • Click Edit next to the App Label .
  • You can then add the desired tabs as well as configure the Default Landing tab too.

To your 2nd question –

  • Go to Setup | Create | Tabs .
  • From the Custom Object Tabs section, click New .
  • Select the Object .
  • Now, from the Tab Style. select the Icon.

Hope this helps.

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