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Credit application – Video

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Credit application - Video, REMMONT.COM

Credit application

Pay on Time. The Complete Guide to the
Late Payment of Commercial Debts

If you are dealing with a new customer who wants to establish a line of credit then it is vital that you begin the credit management process at the earliest possible date. Ask for the basic information that you will need in order to assess whether the risk you are taking in providing them with credit is commercially viable.
At Account opening stage the business has three objectives:
1. To establish the correct identity of the customer.
2. To confirm that customer’s ability to pay.
3. To agree Trading Terms.
These objectives are not difficult to achieve. A simple Credit Account Application Form can be used to obtain information, and to set out, on the reverse, the supplier’s Terms of Trading. By signing the completed Form, the customer provides the information and agrees the Terms.

Postcode Phone Number

Statement Address (if same as delivery address, please state)

Postcode Phone Number

Business Activity (please specify __________________________________

Method of Payment :

If other please specify: __________________________________

I/We request you to open a Credit Account in the name of:

With a Proposed Credit Limit of: _______________ per month
Including VAT: ______________________________per month
Agreed Credit Period : ________________________days

1. Name __________________________________ Account Number________________
Full Address_____________________________________________________________

2. Name __________________________________ Account Number_______________
Full Address_____________________________________________________________

3. Name __________________________________ Account Number________________
Full Address_____________________________________________________________

Details of Owner/ Partners/ Directors

We have read, understood and retained a copy of your conditions of sale (including the retention of title clause) and agree to trade in accordance with these for any goods supplied. We accept that title to all goods supplied to us will remain vested in [ ] Limited until all amounts outstanding from us on any account have been paid in full to [ ] Limited.

I/We also agree to comply with your settlement terms (specified within your conditions of sale).

I attach a sample of my/ our headed paper with this form.

1. Name __________________________________ Signature______________________
Home Address____________________________________________________________

2. Name __________________________________ Signature______________________
Home Address____________________________________________________________

3. Name __________________________________ Signature______________________
Home Address____________________________________________________________

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Credit application - Video NEF6.COM

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