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If you have a credit or store card or had one in the last six years, you could reclaim £1,000s in compensation. We can find out for you!

If you have a credit or store card or had one in the last six years, you could reclaim £1,000s in compensation. Expensive payment protection insurance (PPI) has been widely mis-sold with big lenders being hit with huge fines.

You may be one of thousands who have been mis-sold a PPI policy, for example, old agreements with pre-ticked boxes or store cards that were sold by someone with no financial background.

If you have or had a credit or store card complete the form above to check whether it included insurance. If so, you could be paying £1,000s for potentially worthless cover, without knowing about it

  • No Documents Required
  • Old Credit Cards And Loans Qualify
  • You May Have Been Mis-Sold PPI And Not Even Realise It!
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Blemain financeWe’ve already claimed back thousands in compensation for consumers just like you.

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Blemain finance20 Million People Have Been Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance – Have You?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover (ASU) has been sold alongside credit agreements for years.

Whether you have a Secured Personal Loan, a Credit Card, or Mortgage the purpose of this insurance was to ensure loan repayments were paid if you were unable to work through illness, made unemployed or become incapacitated.

It has been found that many policies were mis-sold. If you can answer yes to one of the following questions then it is highly likely you were mis-sold PPI and we could claim back THOUSANDS OF POUNDS in compensation .

  • Were you led to believe the PPI was compulsory and it would enhance your chances of getting a loan?
  • Were you told if you didnt take out the PPI you would NOT get the loan?
  • Was the PPI added to your account without your knowledge?
  • Were you told the PPI was PART OF THE LOAN and you had to have it?
  • Did you increase or top up your loan, with the PPI added automatically?
  • Was your loan repaid before the end of its term but you never received a PPI refund?
  • Were you self employed, retired, on a temporary contract or on benefits at the time the Payment Protection Insurance was sold?
  • Were you pressured into buying the PPI?
  • Were you advised as to the true cost of the PPI?
  • Did you have alternative insurance which gave you adequate cover?
  • Would you receive full sick pay from your employer if you did become ill?
  • Were you told about all the exceptions and exclusions that would likely apply if you made a claim on the policy?

Finally, whilst you may have even requested that Payment Protection Insurance be added to your loan, it certainly does not necessarily follow that the insurance was suitable for you.

Blemain financeWhat Can You Do To Get Your Money Back?

The good news is we’re here to help you. You deserve your money back and we’ll help you get back what you’re owed.

Complete a reclaim enquiry form today and speak to one of our claim advisors about getting your money back. We’ll give you advice on your individual situation and help you pursue your claim.

24 Hour Response Guaranteed!

Banks lose crucial PPI judicial review

Lloyds Fined £4.3 million for delaying PPI claims

PPI: £14.3 bn paid out in PPI claims since 2011

Swinton fined over £7m by the FCA due to aggressive sales strategy’s over the sale of PPI

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