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Upcoming Filing Due Dates*:

*Quarterly and annual filings only; within 60 days. All filings are due by 4:30PM on the due date of the respective form.

In the interest in providing the people of the CNMI with accessible and current information, this website allows for easy access to forms, data and programs and provides the latest updates about regulations, policies and Department of Finance news.

The CNMI Department of Finance consists of three divisions:

Tax News Tips

February, 2015: Form W-3-SS Online Filing

Anyone required to file Form W-2CM must file Form W-3SS to transmit Copy A of these forms to the Social Security Administration. While you can file the paper W-3SS form, it’s much easier to file this form online. You also have until April 1 to file, if you file electronically. For more information, please visit the Social Security Administration Business Services Online website .

January, 2015: Form 945CM available

Form 945CM, Annual NMTIT or Gaming Tax Return, for Tax Year 2014 was introduced January, 2014. This form is available in the previous year archive or for direct download at

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