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Close Brothers: 0843 504 7231

Contact Close Brothers Group plc about their Finance, Leasing, Treasury and Asset Management divisions by calling their head office team on this customer service phone number: 0843 504 7231.

Check out the full set of phone numbers and contact details for Close Brothers Premium Finance at the bottom of the page.

Close Brothers Premium Finance is a company which offers customers loans to pay their yearly insurance bills on an incremental, monthly basis.

Given that car insurance is compulsory for British drivers, firms like Close Brothers have stepped in to assist those unable or unwilling to pay off their premiums in a single payment. Hoping to offer better financing deals than the insurers themselves, the company has long since moved into selling arrangements to businesses seeking to precisely track insurance bills.

With more than 3,000 individual brokers overseeing the firm s lending, Close Brothers Premium Finance fulfils a much-demanded function in the British insurance market.

Contact the Close Brothers

For the full set of contact details including phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses of all divisions of the Close Brothers group, see their main website s contact page here: .

Recent popular phone numbers

  • 0870 220 3192 Payment of arrears
  • 0870 990 7967 or 0843 504 7231 or 020 8339 5999 (cheaper number but may become defunct) Amendment to loan repayments, change of personal details incl. name and address, and for copies of letters
  • Contact your Brokerage for Amendment to insurance policies
  • 0870 220 3192 Bank details change
  • 0844 880 6282 Copy of Welcome Pack

Postal address:
Close Brothers Premium Finance,
21st Floor Tolworth Tower,
KT6 7EL,
United Kingdom.

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