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Van finance options – get the best price on a new van

Finance lease

Manage the administration and depreciation costs with no mileage restrictions

A van finance lease is a contract between an individual or business and a finance company. After paying an initial deposit you will pay a fixed number of rentals over an agreed term. At the end of the finance lease you will sell the van, keeping the majority of the proceeds. Read more.

Hire purchase

Own your asset while spreading the cost

Hire purchase is a simple repayment facility where you own the van at the end of your agreement. You pay a deposit, which is the minimum VAT price of the van, and then pay the remainder of the balance monthly over an agreed period (up to 60 months). Read more.

Contract hire

Fix the cost of your vehicle

Van contract hire could be ideal for your business. By fixing your costs you can budget accordingly and for a set monthly sum, everything except fuel and motor insurance can be taken care of in your finance package – including servicing and tyres.

Contract hire is rental agreement where you pay a set number of rental payments over an agreed period. At the end of the agreement you return the van; you do not own the vehicle. Read more.

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