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finance for blacklisted

  • Finance for blacklisted
  • Finance for blacklisted
  • Finance for blacklisted

Finance Your Dream CAR TODAY!

Struggling to get VEHICLE FINANCE?

WE can HELP you to get the CAR you DESERVE!

Address: 1731 Hartebeesfontein, Hopefield, 7355

Finance for blacklisted

Vehicle Finance

Let us help you to get financing

on your Vehicle as quickly

as possible. Finance for blacklisted

Your Options

No two people are the same, which is why CAR-FINANCE offers different packages to suit your individual

needs. Finance for blacklisted

Apply Today

Complete the CAR-FINANCE enquiry form below and you could soon be on the road! Finance for blacklisted

Welcome to Car – Finance

Finance for blacklistedCAR-FINANCE is a referral company designed to meet the need of clients struggling to get a Vehicle or Finance for a Vehicle. We have products to assist Blacklisted clients as well to get a CAR. With all our different options available we can HELP you to get driving!

You as the application MUST:

. Be a South African citizen

. Earn R4 000 or more per month

Please note that all our lenders are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Fees and interest charged in terms of chapter 5 of the National Credit Act (NCA) no 34 of 2005:

Initiation Fee of 15% of the Loan Amount up to R1 000, thereafter 10 % (+ VAT)

Services Fee of R50 per month (+ VAT)

Minimum Loan Period: 6 Months

Maximum Loan Period: 60 Months

Per Annum: 16 – 60%

We can assist with Personal Loans, Long Term Loans, Consolidation Loans and Cash Loans. Below is simply a example of a Personal Loan.

Illustrative example on an 60 month CAR FINANCE:

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