Campaign Finance Reform Now! Money shouldn – t vote – Citizens vote, campaign finance reform.#Campaign

campaign finance reform

If we, the citizens of The United States of America, continue to let monied interests influence the outcome of our elections, our FREEDOM is imperiled.

Who Represents You?

There are more than 200 million eligible registered voters in the United States and more than 21 million others who are not registered. For most of us, there is not one elected federal representative who votes conscious first. They are addicted to power and the money that it takes to get there.

As long as the big money donors, PACs, Unions, Associations and Corporations keep feeding them, candidates will always have their interest top of mind . Not yours, not mine.

Campaign finance reform

It s been going on far too long. The movie, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington came out in 1939. If you ve never watched it, we challenge to you to watch it. As shocking as that movie was in the last century, it is far worse now. Money bought influence then and it is even more prevalent today.

Can our elected representatives help themselves? Not really, they say it s not their fault because everybody takes this money. Well, my mom taught me that someone else s wrong decisions were no reason to follow them. The easy reach of campaign finance dollars grabs them by the throat and chokes any good sense out of them. They have time to set up a Capitol Tour or have their staffs send you a form letter. They can even go over to their party s headquarters to make fundraising calls to wealthy donors. They spend hours engaged in this type of behavior. We d like them to work with their constituents more and to actually spend more time with the people they represent.

So, we need to help them. Let s make sure that campaign donations come only from living, breathing citizens so they aren t faced with making tough ethical decisions. Let there be no doubt who they represent, WE, THE PEOPLE.

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