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Interest-Free Payment Options

Graduate without student debt – CalSouthern offers convenient, low monthly payment options

CalSouthern recognizes that every learner’s circumstances are unique. That’s why we offer—in addition to affordably priced tuition—a variety of convenient and flexible payment options to accommodate your needs. Regardless of the plan you choose, CalSouthern will charge you zero interest, and your tuition will never increase as long as you maintain continuous enrollment in the university. The tuition lock is in effect for the degree or certificate program you enroll in. It does not apply if you change your degree or certificate program.

You’ll find the details and benefits of these payment options in the chart below. Options one and two make it possible for you to graduate without debt. Option three is designed for the learner who is looking for a low monthly payment and minimal up-front cost. Learners who choose this option will typically have a tuition balance upon completion of the degree program, which can be paid in full or via interest-free monthly payments.

Please take a moment to evaluate these payment options to determine which one best suits your particular needs, and be sure to contact a CalSouthern enrollment advisor with any questions or for additional information.

Payment Options at a Glance

Option 1: Pay in Full

  • Pay full program tuition upfront
  • ZERO monthly payments
  • Graduate debt-free

Option 3: Monthly Payment Plan

  • Small down payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • Pay online, by mail or phone

Option 2: Semester-at-a-Time Payment Plan

  • Pay full course tuition upfront as you progress
  • Manageable course payments
  • Graduate debt-free

Option 4: 3rd Party Payer

  • Use your military or company benefits

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