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Back in 2008, William Cardoza, a Bronx resident, had to experience a confrontation with police officers when they stopped him for having an open beer container outside his home. Police officers pepper sprayed Cardoza’s eyes and repeatedly hit his right hand with a baton because he was slow in responding to their demand in providing identification. Cardoza needed hand surgery to fix an open fracture and dislocation.


The Prosecutors brought charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct against Cardoza in criminal court, and he brought charges of malicious prosecution and civil rights violations in civil court. In the criminal case, charges were ultimately dismissed. At the civil trial, the jury awarded $700,000 for punitive damages for each cop and $2.5 million for his past and future pain and suffering. Apparently, the Bronx Supreme Court Justice threw away the jury’s verdict because evidence did not support the decision, and he ordered a new trial on past future pain and suffering unless Cardoza agreed to a lesser amount.


Cardoza and his attorneys appealed the trial judge’s decision. The panel of appellate judges ultimately reinstated the jury’s verdict, but decreased the total amount of recovery to $75,000 in punitive damages for each police officer and $1.65 million for past future suffering. They also gave him legal fees.


Cases can take a long time: This incident with Cardoza and the police officers happened in 2008. In 2016 (8 years later), Cardoza is nearing the road of resolving his case.

Legal Process is unpredictable: Nothing is guaranteed. You may think you have a stellar case, but you never know what a jury or judge will do.

Going through the legal process is not easy: Although people may tend to focus on the money aspect of a case. One must also remember that such compensation did not come easy. For Cardoza, we are sure those 8 years were the most difficult years of his life: 1) he was severely beaten (being beaten is never fun); 2) he sustained a fracture of his right hand (also not fun); 3) he needed to go through the process in dismissing his criminal charges (not fun); 4) then you have the civil litigation process and the nuances this case may have brought (not fun); 5) lastly, you have trial and then an appeal (not fun).

You never want to experience something similar: It is tempting to think “why didn’t that happen to me so I can get that kind of money?” Take it from us, you never want to be in a position with severe injuries. It is life altering and not fun. If you ever find yourself in a similar position as Cardoza or an accident, however, we, at Michael Manoussos Co. PLLC, are more than capable in helping you.

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