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Rent To Buy Car Specials

No Finance Cars is a market leader in the rent to buy a car industry. Thousands of South Africans who have had difficulty obtaining car finance have turned to us for help in order to get back behind the steering wheel. Take a look at our latest rent to buy specials. and choose the car that’s right for you. If you find something you like, you can contact us if you have any questions, or you can apply for a no finance car right away.

With no interest, and no financing rent to buy is the easiest way to get yourself a car. If you are having trouble getting finance for a car, contact us today so that we can help get you back on the road!

Reasons to Rent to Buy

1. No hidden costs. Payments are fixed for the full period of 54 months.
2. No bank loans mean no interest.
3. Roadside assistance included on all rent to buy cars.
4. No monthly mileage or area restrictions.
5. Mechanical breakdown coverage on all rent to buy cars.

6. Option to upgrade your vehicle every 18 months.
7. Buy your vehicle at the end of the rental period for only R1500.
8. Terminate the contract at any point
9. Low minimum approval criteria.
10. Rental period is set at 54 months.

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