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The Active Transportation Division’s Bicycle Program seeks to improve conditions for bicycling in Austin through the implementation of the City of Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan. We want people of all ages and abilities to ride bicycles because it’s safe, convenient and fun. The Bicycle Master Plan outlines the City’s goals to encourage and accommodate more people to ride a bicycle. In 2015, the League of American Bicyclists designated Austin as a gold-level bicycle friendly community. As we work toward platinum designation, we will continue to offer tools and resources to make it easier to bike in Austin.

The 2016 Mobility Bond dedicates $20 million of Local Mobility funding for “for bikeways for transportation and mobility purposes.” For more information about projects funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond, please click here.

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  • Check out the LAB bike and pedestrian counts (updated daily)
  • Request a bike corral/rack
  • Report a traffic safety concern

Austin Bike Map

  • Choose routes color-coded by biking comfort (Side 1 is the citywide map, with legend).
  • See Side 2 for a zoomed-in map of the Downtown area, helpful biking tips and information about the route coding.
  • Consult the map for “how to” info about riding safely and legally on city streets.
  • Printed copies of the map are available at bike shops, other retailers, biking nonprofits and City offices. Look for them in the reception areas at Austin Transportation Department, City Hall and One Texas Center.

Getting Around By Bike

Ride Report App

With the Ride Report app, Austin bicyclists can track trips, rate their rides and help the City use and improve a “comfort map” of bicycling routes in Austin. Download the Ride Report app and use it while cycling to report on the relative comfort of your route and ride. The crowdsourced feedback will help the City improve biking routes in Austin. The goal is to make Austin streets more “high-comfort, low-stress” experiences for riders young and old, novice to experienced.

Austin B-cycle

Austin B-cycle, Austin’s bike-share program, makes it easy to hop on a rented bicycle for short trips between about 50 stations around Central Austin. The affordable, popular system offers numerous check-out locations with about 400 bikes. Learn more about how B-cycle works here (Aprende como B-cycle funciona aqui).

In December 2016, the Austin City Council approved funding for 125 more bikes and 18 more stations. Austin B-cycle is operated by the nonprofit Austin Bike Share. Additional funding comes from federal grants, sponsorships and fees.

The system was launched with City support in December 2013 and ridership has increased each year since then. B-cycle is projecting that its bikes will have been used for about 200,000 trips in 2016.

Austin B-cycle estimates that about a quarter of its bike checkouts replace a car trip, based on a user survey. That averages out to 140 avoided car trips per day in Central Austin – and less traffic on our streets.

Bicycle Parking

As more Austin residents and visitors discover the joy and efficiency of riding a bike, secure bike parking becomes increasingly important. We encourage property owners and managers to provide secure bike parking to customers and tenants. The City of Austin’s Active Transportation Program is here to help by installing free bike corrals. Bike corrals repurpose a vehicle parking spot with an on-street bicycle parking facility. Installing bike parking on the street frees up valuable sidewalk space and enhances the visibility and attractiveness of nearby storefronts. Bike corrals may accommodate 6-14 bicycles. The City of Austin is taking applications for additional bicycle corral locations throughout Austin’s core. If you are interested in requesting a corral in front of a business, please send your request to [email protected] Please include the following information in your email:

  • Bicycle Corral Request – [Insert Street Address]; requested location of bicycle corral;
  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Business owner or managers’ contact information (name, phone, email)
  • Notes about availability and current usage of nearby bicycle parking and available on-street vehicle parking.

Requests will be evaluated based upon available street space, bicycle parking demand and availability of nearby bicycle parking. If you are a resident requesting a bicycle corral, you must obtain support from the business owner and provide contact information. Requested locations will be evaluated by City of Austin staff. If selected, the bicycle corral would be installed in the public right of way and at no cost to the business owner.

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