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What an interesting question! You can do a pretty definitive search on IMDB using the tags finance or business, and narrow the genre to TV – drama or comedy.

And wow – there are almost NONE. (a few were already listed in the answers below).

Is this surprising? Maybe. then again, it s pretty hard to sustain interesting and stimulating plot lines around finance and business, on a regular basis — usually these subjects are interesting when focusing on a single event or incident (like The Big Short. Wolf of Wall Street. Wall Street. Barbarians and the Gate. etc). but note that those are all movies.

But it s not impossible, say, for a talented writer like Aaron Sorkin. The TV industry used to think that politics (and government) couldn t be made any more interesting than watching CSPAN – then Sorkin created The West Wing and made it interesting, and even exciting. There have been many series since, in the political genre, culminating in House of Cards. Veep. Madam Secretary etc. also note that they all have a healthy dose of personal relationships and drama interweaved. Shows like Dynasty and Dallas were sort of business/finance based, but of course focused mostly on the over-the-top drama.

They tried to make engineering and science interesting at one point, but i think the closest they got was the Big Bang Theory, MAcGyver and perhaps HBO s Silicon Valley (which is more business than engineering).

But since West Wing (and its descendents) worked so well, I see no reason why some day someone won t come up with a well written TV series for Finance or Business.

Starring Oscar® nominee and Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Paul Giamatti (John Adams) and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Damian Lewis (Homeland),
BILLIONS is a 21st-century examination of the profit and peril of chasing the American dream. BILLIONS is written and executive produced by Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Ocean s Thirteen, Rounders), and Andrew Ross Sorkin (Too Big To Fail).

BILLIONS is a bold, contemporary drama that melds the worlds of ultra-wealth, influence and corruption as personified in two highly ambitious opposing figures:
hard-charging, blue-blooded, politically connected U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) and brilliant, calculating, blue-collar billionaire hedge fund king, Bobby Axe Axelrod (Lewis). Set amongst the Machiavellian machinations of New York City power politics and finance, BILLIONS weaves a complex, intricate narrative featuring a high-stakes game of predator-versus-prey

Halt Catch Fire

In 1983 the business of personal computing was a winner-take-all-race driven by speed, greed and questionable deeds. Into the fray comes a former IBM executive, a computer engineer and a volatile prodigy, all hoping to invent the next big thing.

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There are many financial shows out there that can help you grow and improve your financial life. They would help you better understand the financial terms and concepts and would improve your money management skills.

I hope these shows fulfill your need or what you are searching for:

Mad Money with Jim Cramer

The Dave Ramsey Show

The Suze Orman Show

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