Jul 30 2019

Affordable used cars + Video

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Affordable used cars + Video, REMMONT.COM

Affordable used cars

20 of the Best Cheap Used Luxury Cars You Can Buy

Because you deserve to treat yourself (on a budget).

If you can afford the running costs or get a great warranty, these cars will be nicer than anything new at the same price. Here are some great used luxury cars to buy, according to you.

If you’re willing to deal with some maintenance costs, the R129-generation Mercedes SL is a solid used-car buy. It’s comfortable and incredibly stylish. Plus, the roof goes down! This one is super-clean, and up for sale right now for under $6000.

People often forget about the DB7, which means prices have dropped considerably since they first appeared in showrooms. This manual-transmission straight-six model can be yours for under $25,000.

While the rare, V12-powered 850CSi regularly sells for over six figures, normal, early production 8-Series models can be found for under $10,00o. This one on eBay is for sale right now. Just budget a lot for parts and maintenance.

The E-Class is one of Mercedes’ most legendary and popular cars. Because Merc made so many, used examples depreciate fast. E-Class Wagon can be yours right now for just $8000.

If you want a V12-powered grand touring car on the cheap, the Jaguar XJS is here to satisfy. It’s certainly not perfect (one look at that complex engine bay will tell you that), but when it works, it’s wonderful. This convertible model can be yours today.

The Phaeton’s high price compared to the rest of the VW lineup meant it never sold well in the United States when new. It’s a fantastic luxury car with an available W12 engine, which can now be purchased used for around $10,000. This V8 example is on eBay right now for under $4000.

If luxurious reliability on a budget is your goal, there’s no better choice than the Lexus Ls400. Its bulletproof V8 can go hundreds of thousands of miles without issue, while its boxy, understated looks will keep you flying under the radar. This one’s for sale for just over $4000.

You’re always rolling the dice when buying a used Jaguar, but it might be worth it for an XK. Succeeded by the more sporty F-Type, the XK was a modern take on the classic Jaguar grand tourer, complete with a sweet 4.2-liter V8. You might not be able to find an XKR for under budget, but there are plenty of convertibles to be had. This coupe is around $19,000 right now.

Few cars offer the same combination of luxury and off-road capability as a Land Rover LR4. It’s easily the best off-roader on this list, but it still has a beautiful, classically British interior. If you’re willing to take a chance on British reliability, the LR4 is a lot of car for very little money. Here’s one for sale right now for $16,000.

The Porsche Cayman (or its roadster sibling, the Boxster) might not have as many luxury appointments as the other cars on this list, but it’s a true sports car. You’d be hard pressed to find something better handling for the money. Buy one before Porsche fans re-discover how great these Caymans are, and drive up prices. This white one is on eBay right now for just under $16,000.

The Audi A8 may not be quite as popular as the Mercedes-Benz S- >find a W12 version for cheap. This 2010 model is just under $20,000 on eBay right now.

It seems like just yesterday that BMW redesigned the 7 Series to minimize the Bangle styling of the previous generation. But it was actually close to 10 years ago. As a result, you can get a used 7-Series for a steal . It won’t have the new car’s fancy touchpad key, but you’ll still look awesome. This one is for sale for about $20,000.

Cadillac’s been building some great cars lately, but for whatever reason, people aren’t really buying them. That means you can get some killer deals on new cars, but you can get even better deals on used ones. With a reasonable stack of cash, you can have your pick of almost any CTS you want. This low-mileage V model is $18,000 on eBay right now.

Join us as we pour one out for the big luxury sedan that looked every part the >Jopok. Despite styling that was inconspicuous to the point of being generic, the Equus came out of the gate swinging in the 2011 model year, and it immediately made its mark by defeating an all-wheel-drive Lexus LS460L in a comparison test Car and Driver conducted in 2011. Unfortunately, the Equus then spent the next four years failing to grab our attention. However, Hyundai continued to subtly improve the model. For instance, the 2012 Equus adopted Hyundai’s 429-hp 5.0-liter V-8 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, replacing the previous 385-hp 4.6-liter and six-speed automatic. Meanwhile, 2014 saw a mild facelift and a revised interior. Although the Equus wasn’t a bad car, it suffered from a clear >—Greg Fink

People laughed at the Equus when Hyundai first introduced it, but at the time, it represented a pretty serious luxury bargain. On the used market, it’s even more of a steal. A loaded V8 Equus can sometimes be had for way under our price limit . Here’s an example.

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