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1 Oct 2010 | 2 replies

I have just received my phone bill and was shocked to see a charge of £19.25 for a 15min call to 09064001899 (Cash Finance Direct). I have had no dealings with this company, or any other finance company, but had been getting numerous unsolicited texts and phone calls on my mobile from them. I tried texting them back to stop sending me messages etc, as I am a teacher and the calls were didturbing my lessons. I called the company to have me removed from their list and to my knowledge, have had no calls since. The cost of this call is disgusting and I feel as though they have robbed me. Any suggestions welcome!

never heard so much crap i worked for you. ALL this company does is contact or text poeple saying they can help with your finances and some like myself would have to ring you up of you would ring us back after the text and everythin that we say is scripted so its worded correctly so you think we could help and we dont get in trouble i worked for this company for several months and left because of how bad they are they make money from tellin u cash finance direct THey will word it was its a different company when its not its in the same room will finilise your application erm noo they wont they will keep you on for 15 mins well 14.30mins for that advisor to earn commision off your call the questions and everythin they ask is pointless THEY WILL NOT HELP ANYONE jus make money from your calls and pass you on to other brockers not lenders like they say SARAH RBERTS. is the call centre manager if you have any complaints ask for her because she does nothing anyways get her off her [***] to do some real work

16 Jun 2011 | 2 replies

hi i nearly rung this number even AFTER READING ABOUT IT ALL i have decided its too risky and im sick and tired of being messed around.

14 Sep 2011 | 8 replies

Hi Claudette and Beckii

I work within the customer service department at CFD.

We would like to help every single customer get exactly what they want, unfortunately, this would be an impossible task and however hard we try and however many lenders we have on our panel we cannot help everyone. If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% completely satisfied with our service and would like to claim your money back, we offer a full “no questions asked” money back guarantee for the full costs of your call.

The law permits us to retain £5.00 towards the expenses we have incurred in processing your enquiry, however, we have chosen to waive this right and will always offer a full refund.

It is very important to us that our customers feel completely satisfied with the service we offer, and if you don’t, for whatever reason, we feel that you should not have to pay for it. We won’t question your reasons for wanting a refund, but we do appreciate your feedback so we may use it to focus our attentions on what is truly important to our customers.

In order to obtain a full refund, we would simply ask that you send in a copy of your telephone bill (to ensure that we do not underpay you) highlighting the calls made to our service.

If sending by post, you can either send it using our freepost service as below:

(No stamp required, simply write the above address on your envelope and we pay the cost)

Customer Services Department

Or, you can use our normal postal address, but will need to place a stamp on your envelope:

Cash Finance Direct Limited
Floor 7
Dale House
Tiviot Dale

Customer Service Team

If you take the time to read the other posts on here they will tell you all you want to know about the scum who have charged you for these calls. Their corporate drivel, which they post with great regularity, will tell you how to reclaim the money. Looking st other posts on the dozens of numbers these con men use it would seem that you may have to nag them to get your money but most people get it withing 3 or 4 weeks. When you send them your copy ‘phone bill tell them you want the money withing 14 days and keep a copy. In the meantime it might be worth trying to find out who has been dealing with CFD.

3 Jan 2014 | 3 replies

why i got bill i didnt call but i received a bill 25 pound

  • Call type: Telemarketer

atif replies to atif

3 Jan 2014 | 1 reply

I am very annoyed as I have just received my sky bill and I have one call to this number that’s £25.42 for a 14 minute and 32 sec long! I didn’t call this number but not sure if someone else in my house has but if so still this is ridiculous charges I am not happy at all as I am the one left to pay. if I emailed them my phone bill and how this isn’t on would I get a refund? and if so how long would it take as I just simply cannot afford to pay these charges!
I don’t even know what company it is I just have the number

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